Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cousin Maddox's Birthday

My nephew Maddox turned 2 last week. The kids went to visit him on his birthday and bring him a gift. It was lots of fun. They played in the water, ate cake, and got a fun treat bag their Aunt Lana made for them. As you can see, Lake was totally loving it. He ran around in his bathing suit, ate chocolate cake (evidence on his face), chewed on starburst during pictures, and wore his cool sunglasses. I noticed in the picture of Lake and I, he is eating a starburst, has cake frosting on his face, and has his hand in a bag of potato chips. Ah, now that's a picture of health. I promise I throw him a piece of fruit and veggies every now and then.
The pictures of the sunglasses made me laugh so hard. Especially when my dad wore them. I guess the good thing with paper sunglasses is you can't break just have to be careful not to rip them :).

The Zoo

I took the kids to the zoo the other day. I brought my camera but right when I tried to use it the battery went dead. So, no pictures to post until we go again. I bought a season pass so the kids and I will go again and get some fun pictures the next round.

The kids loved the zoo. The funniest part was Libby looking at the tigers. She kept saying, "Hi Kitty" and waving to the tigers. I told her that the tigers were in the Cat family but I'm not so sure if I would be calling a tiger "kitty". Right after I told her that she waved as we walked away and said, "Bye Kitty".

Lake's favorite thing at the zoo was the snakes. We looked at elephants, zebras, monkeys, bears, etc. but of course my child is intrigued by what I think is the most nasty reptile out there. He would just stare at the snakes and say, "Mommy, big snakes". I was like, "yep, now lets move right along". But, he had to look and study every snake there.

The zoo is amazing when your kids are little. It is so cute to see them look at the animals in person instead of just looking at pictures in a book. It brings a whole new perception when they see the size of the animal. I can't wait to take them again!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Slip N' Slide is still cool!

So, I was at Wal-Mart (my 2nd home) the other day and saw a Slip N' Slide. Back when I used to use a Slip and Slide it was made with metal pegs you stick into the ground. These metal pegs would cut up your leg if you hit them while sliding. It didn't matter though because you finally got to feel like all the rich kids that had a swimming pool with a slide. If we wanted a slide, we had to put the slip N' slide on a hill.
I am getting off track. My point of the story was how far slip N' slides have come. They now have water that spurts out and a bumper zone at the end of slide. A bumper zone was greatly needed. Back in the day there was no stopping you. You could keep sliding into the road and nothing was there to stop you -- except maybe a moving car.
And if that's not enough, there is a blow up pad so you have something to land on when you slide. You used to have to just go for it and risk breaking a rib when you jumped to slide on your stomach. Ah, how the slip N' slide engineers have improved the yellow slick piece of rubber.

I tried to show my kids how to use it today. I slid down it about 20 times. I kept trying to scream and yell so the kids would think it was cool. I actually think I yelled out the word "Awesome" about 10 times. But, as you can see by the pictures the kids weren't buying it. Lake is walking around it and using it for a drinking fountain. Libby full on went and sat in a chair to watch me make a fool out of myself while sliding. None of them would even try it. They just kept saying, "Again Mommy" and "Mommy's Turn". Oh well, I had a good time. That Slip N' Slide was totally worth the $9 I paid for it.

Once the kids got done watching me slide for 2 hours we were (okay, I was) all tuckered out. Here are a few pics of the kids chilling and watching a movie.

Awesome Pink Song!

I have never really listened to Pink but I love her recent album called, Funhouse.

This is one of my favorite songs off it (Copy and Paste Link in your browser to view)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

When kids pick out their own attire.......

I try and always keep the kids really clean and groomed but
some days I just let the kids wear anything they want. As you can see from the pictures, today was one of those days.

Libby: Trucker hat, life jacket, mac and cheese on chin from lunch, and diaper busting out of shorts.
Lake: Pink beanie with rhinestones in the shape of a peace sign -- which is too tight for his head. Also, no pants, and ice cream sandwich on corners of mouth....nice.
BTW, I told Lake it takes a real man to pull this look off. Not many guys can wear pink and rhinestones and still feel confident. :)

Lake and Libby dancing to Pink

Lake is more into eating chips. But, Libby knows the meaning of multi-tasking (singing, dancing, and eating). 21 seconds into the video she shoves a chip in her mouth then starts dancing again. She must learn that from me -- I can simultaneously power walk, push a stroller, and eat a Hershey bar all at the same time. Ah, the good traits I have passed on :).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shark Pool and Sunglasses

My mom bought Lake a shark pool for his birthday. He and Libby have LOVED it ever since I filled it up. It shoots water from the top of the shark's head. Lake keeps covering the water spout and saying, "Where did the water go?" I then have to reply back, "I don't know, where did it go?" Lake then moves his hand away from the spout and says, "There it is". I think we must have said those lines about 30 times. I love how he thinks he is so clever when he makes the water stop spouting. Ahhh, Bless him. Oh, and notice how he continually drinks from the water in the baby pool (there is a picture of him bent over drinking). Yes, I have warned him there is grass and bugs in there,.......but as you can see he doesn't seem to care.

Libby and Lake wore sunglasses today. The glasses were from the $1 store but I swear you'd think they cost a million dollars each with the way they love them. If popsicles, sunglasses, and a shark pool could make me as happy as it does my kids, I am pretty sure all my problems would be solved.