Thursday, November 8, 2012

Libby and I at the same age......

Libby had her Kindergarten school pictures taken. I pulled mine from Kindergarten and had to laugh when I compared the two of us. It is fun to see the similarities.

School Pictures of Lake and Libby this year

I don't know how I am so lucky and blessed,  I am so grateful for my kiddos. They make me happy everyday. The things they laugh, joke, argue is hilarious and makes my life fun.

Halloween Candy for Gingerbread house

The kids had a lot of Halloween candy, so I decided to make a Gingerbread house for Christmas to use it up. It worked out well. I bought cheap Graham crackers and hot glued them for structure (I have had several fall with just using frosting). Once it is dry, I let the kids open all their Halloween candy and put it into a muffin tin. Then they can decorate it however they want. It was a blast and inexpensive since the candy was free.