Monday, October 7, 2013

Letter to the Tooth Fairy..........

My daughter had a loose tooth for several weeks (it is her first… so of course it's a big deal). Not to mention, everyone she meets, she feels the need to tell them about her loose tooth. So, it must have meant a lot to her.
I finally couldn’t take it anymore and pulled it out last night (without her approval). I couldn't help it. It was hanging on by a tiny piece of skin. It looked like a diving board. Every time she ate, it would bend down. I actually think I did a service by pulling it when she least expected it. A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.
Once we got the tooth out, she was really excited. I thought everything was good until I saw the note she wrote to the tooth fairy. You can see the note below. She let the Tooth Fairy know that I hurt her while pulling her tooth out.
 Can you believe she sold me out like that? You know she was trying to get more money from the Tooth Fairy with sympathy points. I want to say it didn't work but then "the Tooth Fairy" ended up giving her $10 and leaving a note under her pillow about how beautiful her tooth was.



Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DIY - Inexpensive Halloween Decorations

(Example Pictures below)

I went to go buy some indoor Halloween decorations. I must be out of touch because the wreaths alone were about $75 and very generic. I decided I was going to do my own project. This way I could do it cheaper and it would have some personality.

 I found a large 20x30 frame at Walmart for about $12. I then removed everything so I just had the frame. I found foam boards at my local dollar store. I bought about 10 boards as you can’t pass up foam boards for $1 each. They come in 20x30 size so this is the reason I got the frame in that size. I didn't want to do any cutting (I can't cut a straight line to save my life).

 I bought all my decorations at the dollar store. You can make a nice board for about $8. The dollar store has a lot of little things that are fun for this project and the point of this is the keep it inexpensive. But, you can always go to Hobby Lobby, Walmart, or other craft stores.

  I then took my supplies, foam board, and hot glue gun. It helps to lay things out before you start to glue. Once I positioned the Halloween items on the foam board, I began to glue until I had all my items glued on. Once I got it all glued, I put it in my frame. The foam board popped right in and the latches on the back of the frame held it tight.

 I did several Halloween boards to show how easy it is. You can have scary, fun, cute, etc. as everyone prefers to decorate for Halloween differently. I tried to show examples of each kind. This project is also fun for kids. They can help pick items out at the dollar store then help lay out the decorations. If you don’t want to use a hot glue gun (if kids are helping), you can always use double sided foam tape or cut pieces of Velcro.

My kids made smaller versions for their rooms. It was a fun kid craft project. I got them an 8x10 foam board and let them use Elmer’s glue to put it together. They were able to hang it in their room for Halloween.

You can do this for every holiday. You literally use the same frame and just swap out the Holiday. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, etc. I have a spot on my wall where that picture hangs year round and I change out the theme.

The foam boards are so cheap and you can store them year after year and use your same frame to showcase the Holiday in your own way.

And, the best part about it, I didn’t spend $75 for one wreath. I was able to make 5 foam Halloween boards for $30 (not including the frame). That is my kind of decorating!

*I don't have these in the frame, but it really makes them look expensive once you put them in the frame.