Monday, September 30, 2013

All I wanted was some crispy fries.....

You know it's a bad meal when....

I went to the hospital cafeteria to get some food. Apparently only one person works on Sunday and they don't have to cook if they are busy flirting with the girl before me in line.
Finally was able to order. I thought....I never order fries but they sound good. Soooo.... I order a large plate of fries. I get my fry sauce, extra salt, and pick out a drink to go it. As I stand there, I see him take the fries and put them in the microwave.....yes microwave. I stared at him when he took them out. Soggy and not even all the way hot. I wanted to say something but was in such disbelief that I just said thanks and paid for the fries. I then ate about 4 fries....just because I already had the salt and fry sauce. Then proceeded to throw them away. I pretty much feel like this incident and the crack lady talking to me (see previous post) has ruined my day. Where can you get a good crispy fry when you want one? Not at the hospital cafeteria.......not at the hospital cafeteria.......sigh.......

A reminder......Don't Do Drugs......

I was up at the hospital visiting my dad - 6th back operation.

While outside on my cell phone, this is what I experienced...
My conversation with a homeless lady....who was obviously on crack.

Crack lady: Hey, are you here to see someone?

 Me: yep, my dad

Crack lady: Oh, well I like your boots. They remind me of the boots Julia Roberts wore on pretty woman. I would buy a pair but I ain't paying f****** $500 for boots.

 Me: Well, mine were $20

Crack Lady: Straight up. I shop at Shopko, walmart, and kmart. Oh, and I used to live in LA. I was a crackhead but I am good now.

 Me: Yep. It's nice to get a good deal. Glad you are off crack now.

 Crack lady: Are your teeth real?

 Me: yep

 Crack lady: You must have had braces. Mine are rotted out from all the crack I did.

 Me: Ya, drugs aren't cool

 Crack Lady: Man, back in the day I could get a rock (apparently that is a crack term) for $5.

 Me: Hmmmm. Not sure what the cost of drugs are but I am on the phone and am headed back in to see my dad.

 Crack lady: I sure wish I had some money. My boyfriend is in jail for assault. I am so pissed, we had a room for the night. We could have slept, watched tv, and F****. Now, I have to go to the homeless shelter downtown where they are all B**** and act like they are better than me.

 Me: That sucks. Peace!

No joke, this just barely happened up at the University of Utah hospital.
Just a reminder to everyone......DRUGS ARE NOT COOL!!!!