Friday, May 10, 2013

Painting Nails......................

My daughter Libby asked me to paint her nails. She told me exactly what she wanted.....They had to be purple on one side, pink on the other side, and have a green stripe down the middle. I thought it turned out pretty cute (aside from my lack of nail painting skills).

They lasted about 5 minutes until she started to play with toys and smeared them all. But, at least they looked good for a few minutes.

Best Birthday Ever!

My cuties made my birthday awesome! Lake picked out roses and earrings for me. Libby picked out slippers and a big balloon. They were so excited to give me my gifts. These are the moments that remind me how much I love being a mom.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Reusing/Repainting/Refurbishing Children's Craft Table

I decided to repaint and update my children's craft table. They had used it for a few years and it was looking pretty sad. I thought about selling it at a garage sale, but opted to try and paint it first.
I think it turned out nicely. I painted the table along with the chairs. It now matches my house and the kids can use it as a table to eat. It is the perfect size for them to "dine" on.

Total cost for the project was about $20. All I had to do was buy the spraypaint. Much cheaper than buying a new table and it looks great.

This is the  2nd Table I made for my Daugthers Room. I still need to glaze the top and put a trim around the edge of the table. I will post that once I get it finished........