Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm pretty sure I got ripped off AND there is something wrong with my body.

Okay, so my sister calls me and tells me about this weight loss pill that is out on the market. Of course I want to hear about it because all us women out there want to lose that last 10 pounds. Anyway, she tells me it's called Alli and that she will pick me up a bottle. She brings the pills over to my house and asks for $50 ($53.26 to be exact). I laughed and told her to stop kidding and tell me the real price and then I demanded to see the receipt. Once, I got over the fact that I was spending that much money on a pill I knew nothing about, I started to read about it.
The pill box said it had 90 capsules in it, so I figured it would last for 90 days. Upon closer inspection of the directions, it says you have to take a pill for each meal. What the heck? This $53.26 is only for a month of pills? It better darn well make me drop 53 pounds the first month if that's how much I paid for this stuff.
Then, in small print it says that the typical results are 5-10lbs in 6 months. Are you kidding? I know people who have lost 5 pounds while laying on the couch all day. I go up and down 5-10 pounds in a week so this 5-10lbs in 6 months is NOT impressing me.
I ask my sister for a refund and she refuses because I have already opened my package of pills.
I tell her whatever and keep reading about this pill.
Well, the side effects (written in microscopic writing) say this. I swear this is a direct quote from the pamphlet:

"Side effects may include:
* Gas with oily spotting
* Loose Stools
* More frequent stools that may be hard to control"

What in theeeeeee world??????? This is a pill anyone can buy? GAS WITH OILY SPOTTING? STOOLS THAT ARE HARD TO CONTROL? Why would I pay for this?
I am on the floor laughing so hard that I almost did have a stool that was hard to control.
The Alli pill apparently absorbs all the fat a person eats and they just poop it out -- and apparently they poo out a tar like substance.
Just for the sake of wanting to see if this is real, I tried the pill. I took my 3 the first day and 3 the second day and nothing. I didn't even go poo in two days more or less have a loose oily hard to control stool. Is there something wrong with my body? I have looked online and have only heard horror stories about his pill, but it stays on the market. This means there are some Alli lovers out there. And, I saw it on ebay and all of the Alli pills have bids. So, what gives? Why am I able to basically binge on this stuff and nothing happens? I am at the end of my 3rd day taking it and have given up. If anyone knows someone who wants a partly used box of Alli -- let me know.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

All My Movie Watching Faces


These are all my movie watching faces taken a few days ago. Jeff's friend who works at Universal Studios updates the main site He needed someone to post up on the main page when there isn't new movies out to be advertised. I guess I'm like the default girl (sounds like my college dating life). He wanted someone eating popcorn so I gave him a variety of faces to choose from. I wonder what people would do if I actually made this face watching a movie?

Friday, May 16, 2008

I need to go to beauty school.

My friend who looks similar to me got her hair cut yesterday. She got it cut exactly like Heidi Klum, the Victoria's Secret model (picture attached). It's 10:00pm and I got the urge to give myself a haircut like her. I have no beauty school experience but somehow think I can whack off chunks of my hair. Really it should be against the law to let me near scissors.
I ended up cutting my bangs to look like (or what I thought would look like) Heidi Klum's hair. Well, I probably shouldn't have cut my bangs while they were wet. They dried and are now way above my eyebrows. I guess I have 3 options. I can gel my bangs straight up and style it like a mullet (Billy Ray Cyrus can give me some tips. I attached his hot picture --Yikes!). Or, I can buzz my head like Britney Spears (Her picture still scares me), or I can leave town for a few weeks and live in the mountains until they grow back.
I'll have to sleep on those options and pick tomorrow.
The saddest part about the entire cutting of my hair is that it's not the first time it's happened. This is pretty much a once a year deal where I just start cutting my hair and see where I end up.
I guess I should be happy I stopped at the bangs tonight. This leaves me the option of brushing the back part of my hair to the front to look like bangs. That'll give Donald Trump a little competition. Hmmmmm..........

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I was wrong and Grandma Ida was right

My Grandma Ida used to keep everything. She grew up in the depression so she even felt the need to stock up on important items like rubberbands and tinfoil. She would even keep a plastic bobby/hair pin to dig into her bright pink lipstick when it got low. I would say she was one of the few of us that got her money's worth when buying lipstick. She would use every last bit of that stuff.
I was going through old pots and pans the other day and came across this condiment holder that she gave my mom and my mom gave me. I have never seen this used in all my 30 years but heaven forbid we throw it away.
Well, I am glad to say my Grandma was right. Lugging this thing around for so many years has paid off. My son, Lake, was able to use it to divide his food up. He likes things separated and is very meticulous. I guess if a 2 year old can be OCD he would be that way with his food. Anyway, he loves this thing. He likes me to break up the meal in separate compartments. He actually spins it around and grazes on all 3 items. It's almost like his own little buffet.
Thank you Grandma for proving me wrong!

No Way -- Both Kids Napping at the same time???

Here are a few pictures of Lake and Libby. Lake just turned 2 on May 13. He keeps saying, "Due" when we ask how old he is. Libby is 9 months but looks like she is about 12 months. She is looking more like Lake each day.

I just laid them down for a nap and they both went down at the same time. This NEVER happens. I wonder if I am dreaming and am going to wake up to find they have both pooped all over their rooms, or have taken all their clothes out of their drawers and put them in the trash (yes, these have both happened before). I'll will just cross my fingers and hope I can have some alone time for 30 minutes. Maybe I'll do something exciting like actually close the bathroom door when I use it or dust off my hairbrush and see if it still works. I won't attempt to even pretend I know how to use a curling iron anymore(it's been way too long) but a hairbrush I bet I can still handle.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

These are not your average Cupcakes!

These are cupcakes I made for my co-workers daughters bridal Shower. I volunteered to make these but little did they know what THEY were getting into. These are the first real cupcakes I have ever made and frosted. I am not a baker as you will see from the pictures I will be posting. The oil I used says, "Best before 2006" and the frosting I used says, "Use before May 2007". Let me just remind everyone it is now May 2008. I am pretty sure I have had that frosting since my sister got married (she is now divorced and almost engaged to another guy). And, the oil has been with me since I was single (I now have two kids).
I seriously can't believe I am actually going to give these to my co-worker to have at her daughter's shower.
To make me feel better, I only work one day a week and I don't know the co-worker that well. But, I do know some of the people who will be eating the cupcakes. Who knows what that stuff does to a body with those type of dates on it???
I just need to stop thinking about it and pretend like it's a fine wine and just hope it gets better with age.