Saturday, June 7, 2008

Talk about free advertising

My friend at work got this shirt for my son. He said I should have him wear it to remind myself I am hot in case I ever have down days. Is it sad that my child wears this everyday and the rest of his 50 shirts just sit in the closet?

It's kind of like my motto. When your cleaning and wearing sweats, make sure to put on high heels and a tiara while you do it. It makes you feel good.

Lets talk about cherries

First of all, why are cherries so expensive?
I bought a bag of cherries the other day. I didn't look at the price which was really stupid of me. For some reason I still thought I could buy fruit without going broke. I got up to the register and the cherries (this was not even a large bag) were $15.00. What? Do you know what I could buy for $15.00?

Bargain shoes at Payless
2-3 tops at Walmart
A pair of pants from Target (2 if they're on the clearance rack)
15 dollar store toys for the kids
An entire wardrobe at a thrift store

All this ran through my head while at the register. But, of course I was too embarassed to say, "Uh....these cherries are a ripoff. If I wanted to be ripped off I would have hung out with my cousin Vinny from the Bronx". No, I don't have a cousin Vinny, but that's beside the point.
So, I ended up paying that ridiculous price. The crazy thing is that these cherries weren't even for me. They were a gift for someone I know who loves cherries. When I brought them to my friend, I watched every cherry go into their mouth. I wanted so badly to go and pick up all the seeds once they spit them out -- just for the fact they cost so much. I was thinking I could dry them out and put them in a vault with all my valuables. But, at the end of the day I just had to walk away and call my boss to see if I could do some overtime.