Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Keep the mini skirt! Just make it not so mini....

Thinking about throwing out that mini skirt that is too short? Don’t! You can turn it into a cute summer skirt by using items you already have. They are fun, funky, and unique. And, as Coco Chanel said, “Life is too short to wear boring clothes.”

I took a few short denim skirts I had that were way too short as well as some that were outdated and fell mid-calf (not a flattering style). I added a bottom portion from peasant skirts I have had for years. It worked out perfectly as the elastic in the peasant skirts was stretched out and the denim gave it a good fit on the waist. It was really easy and I have received so many compliments.

Below are instructions on what I did. I have also included some pictures of me wearing the skirts as they look much on then just seeing them on a hanger. 

1.    Put the denim skirt on along with the peasant skirt under it. This will give you an idea of where you need to cut.
2.    Once you decide the length (I tend to like long skirts) then mark it with a safety pin or marker.
3.    Lay the peasant skirt out and cut off the portion you marked.
4.    You will line up the bottom of the denim skirt with the peasant skirt you cut.
5.    You can either machine sew, hand sew, or use fabric glue. It is literally a straight line so super easy.
6.    Put on your new skirt and look fabulous!

Mini Skirt and Peasant Skirt
Cut the Peasant skirt after you decide the length
Put the 2 skirts together to sew or use fabric glue
Finished Product
Wear it and look fabulous
Even tried a skirt that wasn't denim and it turned out great!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Don't Throw Out Your Old Flip Flops/Sandals!

Not sure why you bought that pair of sandals? Don’t throw them out. Try updating them with old jeans and items you already have.

I had purchased some sandals a few years back. I am not sure what I was thinking when I bought them. Every time I tried to wear them, I hated the huge flower on the front. They were so comfortable so didn’t want to throw them out but knew I would never wear them with the bulky flower.

I decided to cut off the flowers and make the sandals more my taste. I was looking for something different than the typical “homemade” sandals that have big bows and sequins. I wanted a vintage unique look.

I had cut off my daughter’s pants into shorts and kept the extra denim. I liked the buttons and zippers so figured I could use this for a project which turns out I could.

I cut out all the details I liked from the jeans and glued them on the sandals. I used a great fabric glue called, “Liquid Stitch”. It is really strong and you can get it at any craft store.

I ended up liking the denim sandals so much, I made another pair using items I was getting rid of (shoe straps from shoes the kids had outgrown, worn out belt, an old lanyard, etc.).

I thought they turned out fun, unique, and only cost $4 for the glue. Not to mention, I saw a pair of sandals with a similar vintage feel that was over $45. Just a quick humble brag J