Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bringing your child to work....

This is what happens when you bring your 6 year old to work with you:

I had to run into work Saturday. My daughter came with me. While I was doing work on my computer, she must have written this on the whiteboard ....without me seeing. "Say hi to Chanel twice or Nancy or you will be fired"....mind you she has only met my co-worker Nancy once. People kept saying hi to me this morning and I had no idea why. ...until I went into the conference room. Awkward! Attached is the note and the culprit who did it.....

Love/Hate relationship with Cheeseballs

Dinner! Nothing but the best for me......

It was all good until I at half the container and had to lay down from the cheeseball overload. If I could write a letter to the cheeseballs, this is what it would say....

Dear Cheeseballs,

I love you, but I also hate you!



Cleaning Goal - Epic Fail

I have a huge cleaning list of what I need to do tonight. I came home from work, put on my cleaning sweats and....... it all went down from there. 

 1. Opened the fridge and ate a big bowl of leftover noodles and company pasta (this was left over from yesterday when both my kids decided they hated pasta .....After I had ordered).
*Thought...I will clean once I get finished with my 3 portions of pasta.

2. Read articles on ksl. Some may say I was avoiding cleaning but I really felt compelled to read about hobo spiders vs wolf spiders, the teacher who slept with the student, things that are Gephart approved, etc. I even read the pop-up ad about acai berry helping people lose weight for the millionth time.

* I thought...I will clean when I am done with reading.

 3. I then clicked on vacation discounts from an ad I saw on ksl. I don’t have a vacation coming up but thought I needed to check prices in case I ever go.
*Kind of feeling like I am not going to clean at this point...but maybe. 

 4. I decided to see what kelly blue book said my car is worth. Not planning to sell it but once again felt I should find out the value. Maybe the value went down and I needed to find out.
*Almost positive I am not going to clean at this point.
 5. Just turned on electric blanket so I can be warm while watching Dr Phil. I like to watch and see how he still manages to get guests on his show.
*Almost 100% sure I won't get off this couch the rest of the evening.

Oh well. ...there is always tomorrow.