Sunday, April 19, 2009

Playing at the Park

I went to the park the other day with the kids. They love getting outside and I love it too! It is a few less hours I get stuck watching: Monsters Inc, Robots, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Shrek, or Lilo & Stitch.
Libby looks sooo tired in the picture with Lake and I. Her eyes are barely staying open. But, that's what happens when you climb up the slide for 2 hours :).

Kids and Bubbles are the perfect combo.

Why is it that kids look so darn cute in the bathtub? I love getting pictures of the kids smiling and playing with all the bubbles.
I wish I could sit in the tub with bubbles in my hair and have people think I looked cute. But, for some reason after giving birth to two kids it's not really that appealing. There is no way to make old stretch marks look good -- even with cute bubbles all over them. Darn it!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Here are a few Easter pictures. My favorite one is of Lake and Libby trying to dig into Grandpa's cupcake. Definitely my children!!!
My dad's 70th birthday landed on Easter this year. So, the family got together and got to celebrate both occasions. What could be better than Birthday cake, Easter peeps, and Chocolate in the shape of eggs and bunnies? ..........Uh, Nothing! Okay, well maybe winning the lottery but even that's a close call.