Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lake searching for pumpkins

Here are a few cute pictures of Lake looking at pumpkins at the District. Every time I look at him he seems to have grown up so much.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Feminine yet masculine......

Why is it that I can't get Libby to wear a bow for the life of me but Lake constantly puts on her headbands? I guess my only saving grace is that he wanted to hold the football while he was wearing the headband.

I am living with a Duck????

Is it just me or does Libby look like a duck in this picture? She has been making this face for the past two weeks. No joke, she kisses all her stuffed animals about 20 times a day. She has a constant pucker.


You Two Make Me Happy!!!

Why is it that your children can exhaust you more than anything, but they make you happier than anything in the world?

No Ones Love Is Better Than Ice Cream!!!

Okay, so I bought a CD by Sarah Mclaughlin. I must have been in a weird mood. I guess I was feeling wild and crazy (because we all know how wild all her songs are). It came with 3 CD's in the album and I swear there is only 2 good songs out of all of them. Well, there is only 2 good songs out of 2 CD's since the 3rd one kept saying, "ERROR" when I tried to play it. This is why I don't buy CD's. It's like, Sarah.......you could at least give me a CD that freaking works? And, if that wasn't bad enough, I kept yelling at the CD. Every time I hear that song, "Your love is better than ice cream" I get mad. No ones love is better than ice cream. How can she get away with lying like that? Isn't that illegal?

Does anyone want to buy my 2 CD's? I will throw in the one that doesn't work for free.