Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Refurbishing old lamps

I decided to refurbish some old lamps I bought at a thrift store. Lamps can be expensive -- especially when you just need them for a child's room. I bought all these lamps at a thrift store for about $10 each (or less). I wish I had taken before pictures but didn't think about it until after I had finished.

They were all gold and very outdated. I painted them base of the lamps then put some fun trim on them to bring personality. I painted the lamp shade for my son's room as it was a dirty beige color and was a little ripped. This way the paint covered it. I used an old pair of jeans to glue on as the trim for the lamp.

My daughers lamp, I took ribbon that I bought on sale and glued it around the edge. For about $30 I was able to buy 3 lamps and transform them into fun lamps to match my children's room.

Lamp after painting blue and gluing on old jean waistband

Old Jeans from my son

You can see he old jeans with holes

Bottom Trim glued on

Pocket hot glued on

Lamp on the base which I painted green

Final Result (his room is blue and green so it matches perfectly)

Final result after painting base pink, roughing it up, and gluing on trim.

Final result after painting base pink and adding Trim

Framed Easy Easter Craft Project

I decided to do another poster for Easter. I have other posts on here about the easy foam board idea. I am reposting the steps so you can see how easy it is. I purchased all the Easter materials from the dollar store. I only spent $6 on this project as I already had the frame (You can use the same frame to swap out different posterboards).

Attached are all the holidays I have done on the foam board. It is Inexpensive and fun! My kids love to have them hang in the house each holiday.

20x30 Foam Board

20x30 Empty Frame

Hot Glue Gun

Back of Posterboard

Easter Board

Easter Board in Frame

Halloween Materials

Halloween after hot glue

Halloween in Frame

Autumn materials

Painted foam board

Autumn board framed

Christmas board framed

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth........

Lake has lost both his teeth. I keep singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth". He told me to stop singing it because he wants GOLD....yes, GOLD - (a big bar of gold) for Christmas and not his 2 front teeth.

My daughter keeps saying, "All I want for Chrismtas is to LOSE my 2 font teeth so I can get money like brother" (the money the tooth fairy brings)

Gotta love how their mind works.

Lake with no front teeth

Reuse that Skirt - How to reuse clothes you already have

I decided to reuse 2 old skirts I never wear, and see what I could make. I cut apart an A-line denim skirt that I had and a sundress that I hadn’t worn in years.

I ended up cutting the top part of the sundress off and adding ribbon to make it a cute top for my 5 year old daughter. I then sewed the bottom the sundress to the denim skirt (hand sewed - which took 3 hours – I guess I should get a sewing machine).

Below are pictures of what clothing articles I started with and what they ended up being. I also took pictures of my daughter and I wearing the clothes so you can see it actually turned out pretty cute and cost me nothing to make.

Summer Dress and Denim Skirt

A-line Denim skirt which I had cut previously for a Halloween costume

Summer Dress which I cut right in half (I picked a spot I thought would be best)

Layout of the the items before I sewed them

This turned out to be a cute girls top once I added the straps (just used ribbon and tied it in a knot)

Sewed the 2 skirts together to get this fun peasant look

My daughter, Libby, wearing the finished top/shirt

Me wearing the finished skirt

Side profile of the skirt (you know I only took this pose as it made me look thinner....*wink*)