Monday, August 31, 2009

Tinkerbell and Lagoon

Here are a few pics of Libby in her little Tinkerbell outfit my friend Debbie bought for her. Libby loves the butterfly on the skirt and goes around the house rubbing it and pointing to it saying "Utterfly".

Lake and I went to Lagoon with our neighbors on Saturday. He LOVED it. He and Grace (my neighbors daughter) are the same age so it was cool because they got to go on all the rides together. He keeps saying, "Goon Fun" and "I like GaLoon". I am assuming this means Lagoon???? I hadn't been in 13 years so it was cool to see how much better it's gotten. Definitely worth taking the kids to.
My neighbors and I want to make it an annual thing to go together since both of our kids are the same ages. Yay!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mixture of Pics........

Here are some pictures of the kids. Libby and Lake are sporting a pink tutu in a few pics. Aunt Lana had got it for Libby as a birthday gift but Lake has taken it over whenever possible. Glad to know he is in touch with his feminine side. In Lake's defense, he can take a fall down an entire set of stairs and not even cry. :)

The picture of Lake in the toy box was cute because I came in his room and he was asleep in the box. By the time I grabbed my camera he had woke up but hadn't climbed out of the box yet. He looked so cute asleep in it because his head was laying right on his knee.

The picture of Libby in the purple and blue sweater is so cute. My mom bought that sweater from actual Eskimos in Alaska. It is all hand made and they only charged $12 for it. They literally sit in a big room and make things out of yarn. Crazy!

Last are some pictures of my mom and I in our Raccoon hats I found at a gas station in Montana. I bought them because they reminded me of my brothers hats when they were little. I swear every boy back in the day had a raccoon hat. I kept saying to strangers, "If you want a hat then you better get a Raccoon of your own". The funniest part was my mom stopping at a gas station to fill up. When she got out of the car a guy about her age looked over at her and just shook his head. I said to my mom, "Did you see that guy giving you a weird look for your Raccoon hat?" My mom then replied, "I can't help it if he's jealous."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birthday Girl

Libby just turned 2 years old (August 10).

Lake's First Day of Pre-School

Lake had his first day of pre-school on August 6. He loved it! Here are a few pictures of him before he went. He didn't want to put his back pack on at first, but by the time pre-school was over he didn't want to take it off.