Tuesday, November 4, 2008

LAUNDRY -- the one thing that never ends.

This is really what I spend my days doing.

My Great Aunt Eileen used to always say, "If you do at least one load of laundry then you can say you've done something for the day."

Well, Aunt Eileen, I would make you proud. I did about 5 loads today.

Who said being a mom isn't glamorous???

Happy Halloween

Halloween was great this year!

Lake loved Trick or Treating. He kept saying, "Rick or Wheat". I was like, Who is Rick and when did you start liking wheat?
He went as a Devil and Libby as an Angel. She wouldn't wear the halo that goes with the dress. So, I had to cut it off. I guess she ended up as a princess fairy. I was supposed to be an 80's rocker but it turned out more like an 80's hooker. The sad thing is I secretly liked wearing 3 neon belts at once.

I truly did try to pull Lake's ratty pink pillow and sippy cup out of his hands for the pictures, but every time I tried there was a lot of tears involved -- so I opted to just let him be a devil with a pink ratty pillow.


So, the kids were taking a bath the other day. I walked out of the bathroom for about 30 seconds to get towels. I hear the kids laughing and yelling, "BUBBLES". I didn't put any bubbles in the tub so I wondered why there were saying that. Well, Lake happened to find the bubbles and decided to put the ENTIRE container of bubbles in the tub.
The pictures I am posting are after I cleaned up half the bubbles but you still get the idea. Once I took out most of the bubbles, Lake started saying goodbye to them. He would wave and say, "Bye Bye Bubbles." Once he did that I couldn't be mad about the mess they had made. In actuality I was envious they got to have a bubble bath and I didn't.

Daisy Duke

We were down visiting my brother and his family the other day. Libby got in my nephew's police car. She climed in it Dukes of Hazzard style. She didn't even open the door --just slid right through the window. Daisy Duke ain't got nothing on my girl. Once she finally made it in, she sat there 20 minutes strait. She would try and push it on the grass but couldn't get it to move so she would just sit. Not sure how I feel about her being okay with just sitting in "parked" cars. Hopefully that's no prediction of the future.

Lake is in constant motion but we got a quick shot of he and I together, so I thought I'd throw it on here.