Sunday, December 22, 2013

White Tiger Makeover.....with a Sharpie

What are you looking at tiger? Or more accurately.....where are you looking?
I ordered a big snow tiger for my son off amazon for Christmas. I unwrapped the tiger tonight and wasn't sure what to think. He has one eye veering up and one eye... veering down (pictures below).
At first I thought I would return him but then I realized he is a special tiger. He has the ability to look two places at once. I have walked around him a half dozen times and am pretty sure he can see me no matter where I am.
Some may find this creepy but over the last hour, the tiger and I have bonded. And, although I feel safer knowing the tiger can keep a watch out in all directions, I am not sure my son will feel the same. Sorry to the person who glued his eyes on, but I had to do a Sharpie Makeover.
I took a sharpie marker colored in his eyes, added some tiger eyeliner, and filled in the nose. It's like a tiger makeover. I don't want to brag, but man I am good. Check out the before and after pics.....


Monday, October 7, 2013

Letter to the Tooth Fairy..........

My daughter had a loose tooth for several weeks (it is her first… so of course it's a big deal). Not to mention, everyone she meets, she feels the need to tell them about her loose tooth. So, it must have meant a lot to her.
I finally couldn’t take it anymore and pulled it out last night (without her approval). I couldn't help it. It was hanging on by a tiny piece of skin. It looked like a diving board. Every time she ate, it would bend down. I actually think I did a service by pulling it when she least expected it. A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.
Once we got the tooth out, she was really excited. I thought everything was good until I saw the note she wrote to the tooth fairy. You can see the note below. She let the Tooth Fairy know that I hurt her while pulling her tooth out.
 Can you believe she sold me out like that? You know she was trying to get more money from the Tooth Fairy with sympathy points. I want to say it didn't work but then "the Tooth Fairy" ended up giving her $10 and leaving a note under her pillow about how beautiful her tooth was.



Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DIY - Inexpensive Halloween Decorations

(Example Pictures below)

I went to go buy some indoor Halloween decorations. I must be out of touch because the wreaths alone were about $75 and very generic. I decided I was going to do my own project. This way I could do it cheaper and it would have some personality.

 I found a large 20x30 frame at Walmart for about $12. I then removed everything so I just had the frame. I found foam boards at my local dollar store. I bought about 10 boards as you can’t pass up foam boards for $1 each. They come in 20x30 size so this is the reason I got the frame in that size. I didn't want to do any cutting (I can't cut a straight line to save my life).

 I bought all my decorations at the dollar store. You can make a nice board for about $8. The dollar store has a lot of little things that are fun for this project and the point of this is the keep it inexpensive. But, you can always go to Hobby Lobby, Walmart, or other craft stores.

  I then took my supplies, foam board, and hot glue gun. It helps to lay things out before you start to glue. Once I positioned the Halloween items on the foam board, I began to glue until I had all my items glued on. Once I got it all glued, I put it in my frame. The foam board popped right in and the latches on the back of the frame held it tight.

 I did several Halloween boards to show how easy it is. You can have scary, fun, cute, etc. as everyone prefers to decorate for Halloween differently. I tried to show examples of each kind. This project is also fun for kids. They can help pick items out at the dollar store then help lay out the decorations. If you don’t want to use a hot glue gun (if kids are helping), you can always use double sided foam tape or cut pieces of Velcro.

My kids made smaller versions for their rooms. It was a fun kid craft project. I got them an 8x10 foam board and let them use Elmer’s glue to put it together. They were able to hang it in their room for Halloween.

You can do this for every holiday. You literally use the same frame and just swap out the Holiday. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, etc. I have a spot on my wall where that picture hangs year round and I change out the theme.

The foam boards are so cheap and you can store them year after year and use your same frame to showcase the Holiday in your own way.

And, the best part about it, I didn’t spend $75 for one wreath. I was able to make 5 foam Halloween boards for $30 (not including the frame). That is my kind of decorating!

*I don't have these in the frame, but it really makes them look expensive once you put them in the frame.

Monday, September 30, 2013

All I wanted was some crispy fries.....

You know it's a bad meal when....

I went to the hospital cafeteria to get some food. Apparently only one person works on Sunday and they don't have to cook if they are busy flirting with the girl before me in line.
Finally was able to order. I thought....I never order fries but they sound good. Soooo.... I order a large plate of fries. I get my fry sauce, extra salt, and pick out a drink to go it. As I stand there, I see him take the fries and put them in the microwave.....yes microwave. I stared at him when he took them out. Soggy and not even all the way hot. I wanted to say something but was in such disbelief that I just said thanks and paid for the fries. I then ate about 4 fries....just because I already had the salt and fry sauce. Then proceeded to throw them away. I pretty much feel like this incident and the crack lady talking to me (see previous post) has ruined my day. Where can you get a good crispy fry when you want one? Not at the hospital cafeteria.......not at the hospital cafeteria.......sigh.......

A reminder......Don't Do Drugs......

I was up at the hospital visiting my dad - 6th back operation.

While outside on my cell phone, this is what I experienced...
My conversation with a homeless lady....who was obviously on crack.

Crack lady: Hey, are you here to see someone?

 Me: yep, my dad

Crack lady: Oh, well I like your boots. They remind me of the boots Julia Roberts wore on pretty woman. I would buy a pair but I ain't paying f****** $500 for boots.

 Me: Well, mine were $20

Crack Lady: Straight up. I shop at Shopko, walmart, and kmart. Oh, and I used to live in LA. I was a crackhead but I am good now.

 Me: Yep. It's nice to get a good deal. Glad you are off crack now.

 Crack lady: Are your teeth real?

 Me: yep

 Crack lady: You must have had braces. Mine are rotted out from all the crack I did.

 Me: Ya, drugs aren't cool

 Crack Lady: Man, back in the day I could get a rock (apparently that is a crack term) for $5.

 Me: Hmmmm. Not sure what the cost of drugs are but I am on the phone and am headed back in to see my dad.

 Crack lady: I sure wish I had some money. My boyfriend is in jail for assault. I am so pissed, we had a room for the night. We could have slept, watched tv, and F****. Now, I have to go to the homeless shelter downtown where they are all B**** and act like they are better than me.

 Me: That sucks. Peace!

No joke, this just barely happened up at the University of Utah hospital.
Just a reminder to everyone......DRUGS ARE NOT COOL!!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Disneyland Vacation - My Observations while at Disneyland with my kids

Day 1 of Disneyland Vacation:
Learning about myself ....while on my Disneyland vacation.......

You know you have lowered your standards when you take your kids to Disneyland and.....

1. You buy a fanny pack, feel like a dork wearing it, then kind of start liking it by the 2nd day.

 It is kind of like crocs. You know you shouldn't like it but secretly you still kind of wish it was cool.

 2. You eat carmel apples and churros your entire vacation but somehow rationalize it....."Hey, at least I am not the person that has to ride a jazzy yet."

3. You beg your kids to go on "It's a small world" ride because it has air conditioning.

The sad part is, I have done all 3 of the above during this vacation.

And, I am not embarrassed to say.....I have my fanny pack ready for tomorrow. I need to leave early to make sure I get in the churro line and get a few small world rides in (I now know the song in 3 languages).r entire vacation but somehow rationalize it....."Hey, at least I am not the person that has to ride a jazzy yet."
3. You beg your kids to go on "It's a small world" ride because it has air conditioning.

The sad part is, I have done all 3 of the above during this vacation.
And, I am not embarrassed to say.....I have my fanny pack ready for tomorrow. I need to leave early to make sure I get in the churro line and get a few small world rides in.


Day 2 of Disneyland Vacation:
Disneyland update...

 These are things I had to question while at Disneyland today:

 1. How do people afford Disneyland tickets yet can't afford a brush or deodorant?

 2. Why come to Disneyland if you ride a jazzy and can't go on rides? I understand if you have grandkids, but I saw couples that just went by themselves. Why not just go to a movie or something?

 3. The lady that had a stroller with no kids in it, yet had two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts strapped in. I am sorry....but that is weird. I love donuts too but 2 dozen? In a stroller?

 4. Why do couples with no kids buy Mickey Mouse and Mini Mouse ears to wear around Disneyland? I don't even let my kids wear that kind of stuff (then again, I have no room to talk as I have been sporting my fanny pack).

 5. Why do adults hog the line to get pictures taken with the Disney Characters? I understand we all want to see Mini but seriously? To the lady in the Mini Mouse ears who took 10 minutes worth of pictures and is over the age of 40. That is not normal. My kids (6 and 7) and the other 100 kids in line even thought you were weird. And, WHY do you need to get Donald Ducks signature? HE IS NOT REAL.

 6. To the guy with the short shorts who has hung out by the hotel for hours at a time, pretending to have a cell phone and pretending to have a conversation on your fake phone. What is that all about? How do you get to that point? I have hit some low points in my life, but nothing a king sized candy bar couldn't solve. Why in the world would you choose Disneyland to be homeless? People here have already spent their money on tickets and are in bad moods from waiting in lines all day. You are better off to go to a nice tropical spot with couples who don't have kids and will actually give you their money.

 7. How can those Disney characters wear those hot costumes in this heat? I was tempted to wear a sports bra and let my stretch marks hang out I was so hot (my husband talked me out of it....thankfully). The only way I could wear a hot Disney costume is if it helped me lose weight. And, if this is in fact what it does.....we should market it for a new Disney Diet Plan.

 8. Lastly, to the couple who got married at Disneyland and wore a tux and veil on all the rides. That is messed up!!! Love Disneyland, Enjoy Disneyland, but……you don’t get married there.

 Well, I am off to go see the Disney Parade. I am sure I will have a post about this when I get back.


Day 3 of Disneyland Vacation:
Last Disneyland update/advice.

 This is for all the Disneyland moms I saw at the parade........

Just because you can squeeze (and I mean SQUEEZE) into short shorts and a halter top doesn't mean you should actually wear it. And, if you are over the age of 30 and have children....wear a bra in public.

 I would love to wear this type of clothing too, but we need to know our limitations.

 Muffin top = No halter top

 Legs that rub together when walking= No Short Shorts

 After Birthing Children= wear a bra....preferably one with underwire

I am not ripping on others, I have to follow these rules too. I have realized with age that the only way I can stay cool in the hot weather is to pour bottled water on myself. Halter tops and short shorts are not the answer for me anymore. Be considerate of others and buy a water bottle.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Winsday, Wednesday. Silly ideas for making work fun.

Click on link to watch clip:

This is a great way to have fun at work. Every Wednesday we would have prizes (inexpensive prizes) for people in our department to win. It was a great way to break up the day. And, who doesn't love to win things on Wednesday? :)

As you can see from the clip above and picture below, we only give away classy items :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Perfect Redneck Cake - Even without using Hostess products

Okay, so this cake was hard to make as I had to use the Hostess knockoff items. But, it turned out pretty nice. All items bought from the gas station, lots of preservatives, and unhealthy which = PERFECTION for a Redneck Cake.
Eat your heart out Paula Deen. You got some competition girl :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Contest Rules for Free Tickets to See "One Direction"

We were giving away 2 free "One Direction" tickets at work. My friend and I were asked to make a video explaining the rules of the contest. The video is based on a mom who LOVES "One Direction" but tries to act like she wants the tickets for her kids. They didn't end up using the video but personally I think it rocked :)
Link to Clip:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One Direction Concert tickets.....or a free snowcone.

My work is having a contest to win 2 "One Direction" concert tickets. People who wanted to enter had to make a 30 second video telling why they should get the tickets. This is the one I submitted of Lake and Libby. Libby did her own actions and read what I had written. Typical Libby....she wanted me to keep giving her lines to say. Lake was so hyper that I was just happy to get him to do it once. He is the opposite of Libby and said he would do it ONE time but that's all. Do we expect to win the tickets....No, but we had fun making the video. And, it taught me how much a child when bribed with a free snowcone.

Link to Clip:

Friday, May 10, 2013

Painting Nails......................

My daughter Libby asked me to paint her nails. She told me exactly what she wanted.....They had to be purple on one side, pink on the other side, and have a green stripe down the middle. I thought it turned out pretty cute (aside from my lack of nail painting skills).

They lasted about 5 minutes until she started to play with toys and smeared them all. But, at least they looked good for a few minutes.

Best Birthday Ever!

My cuties made my birthday awesome! Lake picked out roses and earrings for me. Libby picked out slippers and a big balloon. They were so excited to give me my gifts. These are the moments that remind me how much I love being a mom.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Reusing/Repainting/Refurbishing Children's Craft Table

I decided to repaint and update my children's craft table. They had used it for a few years and it was looking pretty sad. I thought about selling it at a garage sale, but opted to try and paint it first.
I think it turned out nicely. I painted the table along with the chairs. It now matches my house and the kids can use it as a table to eat. It is the perfect size for them to "dine" on.

Total cost for the project was about $20. All I had to do was buy the spraypaint. Much cheaper than buying a new table and it looks great.

This is the  2nd Table I made for my Daugthers Room. I still need to glaze the top and put a trim around the edge of the table. I will post that once I get it finished........