Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lets talk about cherries

First of all, why are cherries so expensive?
I bought a bag of cherries the other day. I didn't look at the price which was really stupid of me. For some reason I still thought I could buy fruit without going broke. I got up to the register and the cherries (this was not even a large bag) were $15.00. What? Do you know what I could buy for $15.00?

Bargain shoes at Payless
2-3 tops at Walmart
A pair of pants from Target (2 if they're on the clearance rack)
15 dollar store toys for the kids
An entire wardrobe at a thrift store

All this ran through my head while at the register. But, of course I was too embarassed to say, "Uh....these cherries are a ripoff. If I wanted to be ripped off I would have hung out with my cousin Vinny from the Bronx". No, I don't have a cousin Vinny, but that's beside the point.
So, I ended up paying that ridiculous price. The crazy thing is that these cherries weren't even for me. They were a gift for someone I know who loves cherries. When I brought them to my friend, I watched every cherry go into their mouth. I wanted so badly to go and pick up all the seeds once they spit them out -- just for the fact they cost so much. I was thinking I could dry them out and put them in a vault with all my valuables. But, at the end of the day I just had to walk away and call my boss to see if I could do some overtime.

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