Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Fun!

Well, the summer has gotten off to a fun start. Grandpa took Lake to get his summer buzz which he loves.
The kids played in the yard all day yesterday. They ran through sprinklers and ate popsicles for about 3-4 hours. It is so nice to be able to have them outside playing.

Lake and Libby took a ride in Mike's jeep the other day. They loved it! They kept going, "Woooo" and putting their arms in the air. I think they thought they were at a carnival. It was so cute to see.

My mom and I are taking the kids to Montana tomorrow. It is a 10 hour drive -- probably longer with taking the little ones. We are going up to see my mom's dad who is 90 years old. Libby hasn't met him so I thought we better get up there before his health declines.
I have put off packing but need to do it since we are leaving tomorrow. I can't believe my list of items to pack is 2 pages long. It is amazing what you need to bring for toddlers. Where is a nanny to pack all this when I need one :)?

I am also putting a few pictures of Libby dancing in her little ballet shoes my mom had gotten her. I tried to French braid her hair like my mom used to do with me. But, she must be a tom-boy at heart because she had the French braid in her hair for 5 minutes then took it out. I just like to take pictures so I know as a mom I started out with hair that was clean and brushed in the morning. It somehow makes me feel better...hee hee.

Hopefully I will have some good pictures to post when I get back.


  1. Lake's buzz is soooo cute! Have fun in Montana with your mom.

  2. love the pics Chanel, the Libbster and Lakester and the cutest! I am glad they have such a good mama who watches out for their well-being like you do!