Monday, August 31, 2009

Tinkerbell and Lagoon

Here are a few pics of Libby in her little Tinkerbell outfit my friend Debbie bought for her. Libby loves the butterfly on the skirt and goes around the house rubbing it and pointing to it saying "Utterfly".

Lake and I went to Lagoon with our neighbors on Saturday. He LOVED it. He and Grace (my neighbors daughter) are the same age so it was cool because they got to go on all the rides together. He keeps saying, "Goon Fun" and "I like GaLoon". I am assuming this means Lagoon???? I hadn't been in 13 years so it was cool to see how much better it's gotten. Definitely worth taking the kids to.
My neighbors and I want to make it an annual thing to go together since both of our kids are the same ages. Yay!!!


  1. I love the words Lake comes up with. I still love Chicken cow! Now it's GaLoon :)
    Thanks for posting more pictures. I love to see the kids!!! Thanks.

  2. I am still so impressed with "Lakey happy, Lakey no tired" and "no Boy" and "mama pretty"

    I am so glad you got to take him Chanel, you are a good mama!

  3. I am glad to see they survived the night before hehe;) but we went this year for the first time since before I got married and it has changed alot, sooo much better. fun times!

  4. I love that Libby loves her butterfly!
    That is cute that Lake loved Lagoon.
    Both the kids are so sweet and happy all the time. You can't help but love them to pieces.