Thursday, October 25, 2012

My teaching experience in Los Angles, California

We recently had a work function where they asked us to tell others something they didn't know us. I talked about my time teaching in Los Angeles. I thought I would post on my blog as well -- since I did go to the trouble of digging out the pictures :).

I grew up on a farm in Herriman, Utah. I then attended college at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Both of these places are/were fairly rural. Once I graduate college I moved out to Los Angeles and got a job teaching High School students -- right on Hollywood Blvd.

This was no ordinary High School. It was an all girls school school. And, these were no average girls. All the girls in this private school were sent to this school because they had been in some type of trouble. The ages ranged from 12-18 years of age.

I remember walking into the classroom and was really nervous once I saw my class. I felt like Michelle Pfeiffer on the movie "Dangerous Minds". I knew this was going to be a huge challenge for me.

The first few months were hard and I was really intimitated by the girls. They used to say to me, "Why you got a ghetto name like Chanel?" I called my mom crying telling her my name wasn't cool like the designer "Coco Chanel". It was actually "ghetto" from what the girls told me.

Once I realized that you have to be tough like the girls in the school, I learned to love it. They taught me so much about life and the hardships. It also helped me to appreciate growing up on the farm (which I once could't wait to leave).

All the times my dad and mom had me help feed the animals, drive the tractor, haul hay, etc. was what made me who I am.

I ended up living in Los Angeles for a few years then decided to move back to my roots. But, of all my travels and life experiences, teaching these girls ranks in the top.

Below are the darling girls I taught and who taught me.

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