Thursday, December 20, 2012

We finally saw Santa this year..........

For the last 4 years, I have tried to wait in line at the mall for my kids to see Santa. I always get about 20 minutes into it and say...."I have an idea, Lets go by a Toy and call it a day". The kids never want to leave but when I look at the 3 hour line.....I just can't do it.

My kids are now 5 and 6 so I thought....this year I am going to do it. If it doesn't happen now, it never will.

This was the strategy I had to use:

Make sure they each have a DS nintendo
Make sure they are both charged
Make sure the games are in and ready to go
Make sure we did a bathroom stop right before we hit the line
Make sure we stop by McDonald's on the way
Make sure to not let them eat until they are in the line (had to use eating to kill time)
Make sure to bring a coloring book in case they get bored with the DS
Make sure to pack a drink so they have water while waiting in line

Once I did all that, we were finally able to make it through the 2.5 hour line. Granted it cost me about $100 to get everything ready so we could handle the line. But, I am pleased to say I can now check the "Take a picture with Santa at the Mall" off my list of good motherly duties.

Below is the picture.....(A tired Santa, hyper kids, and a $30 picture).

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