Thursday, May 2, 2013

Reusing/Repainting/Refurbishing Children's Craft Table

I decided to repaint and update my children's craft table. They had used it for a few years and it was looking pretty sad. I thought about selling it at a garage sale, but opted to try and paint it first.
I think it turned out nicely. I painted the table along with the chairs. It now matches my house and the kids can use it as a table to eat. It is the perfect size for them to "dine" on.

Total cost for the project was about $20. All I had to do was buy the spraypaint. Much cheaper than buying a new table and it looks great.

This is the  2nd Table I made for my Daugthers Room. I still need to glaze the top and put a trim around the edge of the table. I will post that once I get it finished........

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  1. All of your projects are fantastic! I love seeing your creations. You are incredible!