Saturday, April 18, 2009


Here are a few Easter pictures. My favorite one is of Lake and Libby trying to dig into Grandpa's cupcake. Definitely my children!!!
My dad's 70th birthday landed on Easter this year. So, the family got together and got to celebrate both occasions. What could be better than Birthday cake, Easter peeps, and Chocolate in the shape of eggs and bunnies? ..........Uh, Nothing! Okay, well maybe winning the lottery but even that's a close call.

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  1. Chanel.
    You are the best Mom ever to those gorgeous kids. You are with them every day of the week and every other weekend. You have never bragged or kept them from seeing Jeff. You have been kind, patient, when he pays child support late and doesn't meet his obligations. You are always so appreciative of anything anyone does for you or for the kids. You are a amazing woman and I promise good karma will always be on your side as well as your family and true friends. Paul and I love you endlessly and support you always and SEE daily what you do to make sure those beautiful kids are happy and healthy. You are the best Mum ever and we love you.