Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kids and Bubbles are the perfect combo.

Why is it that kids look so darn cute in the bathtub? I love getting pictures of the kids smiling and playing with all the bubbles.
I wish I could sit in the tub with bubbles in my hair and have people think I looked cute. But, for some reason after giving birth to two kids it's not really that appealing. There is no way to make old stretch marks look good -- even with cute bubbles all over them. Darn it!

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  1. Hi Chanel,
    Love the pics! Not only have you been the Rock and Solid Foundation to those kids since they were newborns, but you continue to be on a daily basis. You are the one who is their care-taker daily. Yes, you may not post pictures of them every other weekend to put on a show - you do the real work. You are the Birthday Party Planner, the Daily Bath, Food, and Laundry Mom. Its easy to "forget your checkbook" or "call in sick" on your own children. What is not easy is to get up daily, prepare three meals a day, engage in learning activities daily, work outside the home one day a week to maintain career contacts, handle the home maintenance & yardcare, make sure the children have clothing and shoes that fit and are appropriate for the weather, nurse them back to health when they are ill or get hurt, and keep a smile their father who lives 10 miles away wants to relive his teenage years and spend hours twittering and playing warcraft, and they let dirty diapers stack up so high in front of the front door that Rod & I have had to haul them up to their large garbage for them. You my sister are the Foundation for those children and always will be.....Love Tiff