Friday, July 31, 2009

Jackson Hole, Wyoming 2009

The kids and I went to Jackson Hole this weekend. It was pretty hectic with 2 little ones but overall a fun time.
Here is a quick synopsis of the pictures I am posting:

1. The kids getting pumped up to go on the trip (hence the cowboy hats). Even cowgirls like binkis -- according to Libby.

2. The kids and I getting ready to go on the gondola ride to see the Teton Mtns. Lake had a breakdown when we were done. He wanted to go again and again. He seriously LOVED the gondola ride. By the way, I just noticed I have Libby's monkey in a headlock. Oops!

3. Lake sitting on a wood ski rack in the condo. Leave it to my kids to bypass 20 other seats and want to sit on a small wood ledge in a corner.

4. Individual pictures of Lake, Libby, and myself while while in Jackson. We all had our typical faces on.
Lake: Crazy Face,
Libby: Scowl,
Myself: Typical posed smile.

5. The big buffalo head that was hanging in the condo -- which Libby kept referring to as, "The Goat". I would tell her it was a buffalo and then she would say, "Hi Goat".

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  1. Can't wait to hear more about your trip!
    The last three pictures are my favorite. Really cute.