Saturday, July 25, 2009

Toddler Mom's.....This Post Is For You

Okay, so I don't normally post about items my kids eat. But, I felt I needed to let all the mom's who have toddlers know what is out there for the little ones. Yes, I am getting boring as I get older and I don't even care.
Here it goes......
The best snacks (that I have found) to feed kids 4 and under:

1. Mini Pringles. These come in different types of packaging and flavors. My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They are small enough to eat but they still feel like the big chips. Plus, you don't get the huge chips that break everywhere.

2. Jr. Lunchables. These are great because all the turkey/ham, cheese, and crackers are little. They have diced up the cheese and meat so it is small and serve it with mini ritz crackers. Thank You Oscar Meyer.

3. Mini M&M's. These are little and the kids love to hold the plastic container it comes in. I actually fill the container with trix cereal once it is empty and the kids use it over and over. The truth is, I actually eat the M&M's then the kids get the Trix cereal when I refill it. See, we all win with this treat.

Just thought I would let my friends with kids know. If anyone out there has any cool treats they know about, please leave a comment as I am always looking.

I normally take my own photos but out of sheer laziness I posted stock photos. Actually, I had to let people know those aren't my bitten off finger nails holding the chips. If I had bitten off finger nails, they would at least be polished *wink*. If I get motivated I will post my own so you can actually see my kids eating them :).

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