Saturday, December 19, 2009

Things they never tell you as a mom.........

It's funny because when you think of having kids you think of laughter, hugs, kisses, and cuddles. What you don't put into the equation is when kids stick things in their nose and you have to be a doctor and get it out.
This is exactly what happened to me two nights ago. Lake had a necklace he had made in preschool. It had beads on it which he had strung onto the necklace. Apparently he decided to take the beads off the necklace and put one in his nose. This is pretty much how the conversation went:

Lake: Mommy, Get it out.
Me: Get what out Lake?
Lake: Mommy, GET IT OUT!
Me: Lake, do you need to blow your nose? [He had his finger half-way up his nose at this point].
Lake: Mommy, It up there.
Me: Lake, Let me get you a tissue and we can get it out (thinking it was a bad stuffed up nose).
Lake: OK (walks over to me).
Me: (Looked into his nose and couldn't see anything) Lake there is nothing there.
Lake: Mommy, bead in nose
Me: Are you being serious. Did you really stick the bead up your nose?
Lake: Yes
Me: Lake, tell mommy the truth.....Did you REALLY stick the bead up your nose?
Lake: Yes. Get it out, Mommy.
Me: Okay, just do what mommy says and we will get it out.
Lake: Okay

The bead was up his left nostril so I covered his right nostril with my finger and told him to blow really hard (hoping the pressure would push it down). Right when he did it I heard a huge whistle come from his nose. We repeated this a few times but it just kept whistling. I was trying not to laugh as he was scared at this point....and frankly so was I. But, hearing the whistle was hilarious. Before heading to the emergency room I thought I would try and pull it out myself. I told Lake to lay down and not move. This was the first time he actually listened. He layed down and I got my tweezers. I took the tweezers and mirror and began my surgery. I put the tweezers up his nose far enough to grab a hold of the bead and pull it to where I could see the bottom of it. I stood Lake up and repeated what I had done before -- putting my finger on his right nostril and having him blow really hard. After about the 3rd time the bead shot out of his nose. I gathered he and Libby and showed them the bead explaining we don't stick anything in our nose or ears as it can get stuck. Once it was all done Lake looked and me and said, "Mommy, can I have my bead back?"

And No, I did not give it back to him :)

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  1. haha! good job nurse chanel! my son had a sponge up his nose but i didnt know till weeks later when a horrible smell was comming from his ears. needless to say i needed the docors help on that one.