Monday, September 30, 2013

A reminder......Don't Do Drugs......

I was up at the hospital visiting my dad - 6th back operation.

While outside on my cell phone, this is what I experienced...
My conversation with a homeless lady....who was obviously on crack.

Crack lady: Hey, are you here to see someone?

 Me: yep, my dad

Crack lady: Oh, well I like your boots. They remind me of the boots Julia Roberts wore on pretty woman. I would buy a pair but I ain't paying f****** $500 for boots.

 Me: Well, mine were $20

Crack Lady: Straight up. I shop at Shopko, walmart, and kmart. Oh, and I used to live in LA. I was a crackhead but I am good now.

 Me: Yep. It's nice to get a good deal. Glad you are off crack now.

 Crack lady: Are your teeth real?

 Me: yep

 Crack lady: You must have had braces. Mine are rotted out from all the crack I did.

 Me: Ya, drugs aren't cool

 Crack Lady: Man, back in the day I could get a rock (apparently that is a crack term) for $5.

 Me: Hmmmm. Not sure what the cost of drugs are but I am on the phone and am headed back in to see my dad.

 Crack lady: I sure wish I had some money. My boyfriend is in jail for assault. I am so pissed, we had a room for the night. We could have slept, watched tv, and F****. Now, I have to go to the homeless shelter downtown where they are all B**** and act like they are better than me.

 Me: That sucks. Peace!

No joke, this just barely happened up at the University of Utah hospital.
Just a reminder to everyone......DRUGS ARE NOT COOL!!!!

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