Sunday, December 22, 2013

White Tiger Makeover.....with a Sharpie

What are you looking at tiger? Or more accurately.....where are you looking?
I ordered a big snow tiger for my son off amazon for Christmas. I unwrapped the tiger tonight and wasn't sure what to think. He has one eye veering up and one eye... veering down (pictures below).
At first I thought I would return him but then I realized he is a special tiger. He has the ability to look two places at once. I have walked around him a half dozen times and am pretty sure he can see me no matter where I am.
Some may find this creepy but over the last hour, the tiger and I have bonded. And, although I feel safer knowing the tiger can keep a watch out in all directions, I am not sure my son will feel the same. Sorry to the person who glued his eyes on, but I had to do a Sharpie Makeover.
I took a sharpie marker colored in his eyes, added some tiger eyeliner, and filled in the nose. It's like a tiger makeover. I don't want to brag, but man I am good. Check out the before and after pics.....


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