Friday, August 15, 2008

Mary, where are you when I need you?

What my day consisted of:

1. My son, Lake, putting his head in the toilet and giving himself swirlies.
2. Lake teaching his sister, Libby, how to give herself swirlies as well.
3. Pulling stuff out of the vent that the kids had shoved in there. Finally found those strappy heels I had been looking for.
4. Washing chocolate milk off the carpet after Lake decided to take the lid off he and his sisters sippy cups. If he only knew chocolate milk was $4 a gallon he would think twice.
5. Eating leftover potato chips off the floor (some came with the carpet and lint on them) that the kids decided not to eat.
6. Moved furniture to clean and found a stash of gummy treats and old fries (still full from the chips so I'll save that for tonights dinner).
7. Found two sippy cups that had been thrown in the laundry and got washed with all the clothes.
8. Cleaned up vomit from Libby throwing up. Glad it happened today since I already had 30 things on my list to do.
9. Lake took Libby's dirty diaper and threw it on the ground. He then looked at me as it sat there and said, "STINKY". Glad to know he understands stinky. Just wish he didn't have to have the poo fall out of the diaper before he understood that point.
10. Libby learned how to open her drawers -- she just didn't learn how to move her fingers before she re-closes them. I've done a lot of hugging today with all the tears that have been shed.

I really am thankful for Monsters Inc. and Mary Poppins. Those are the only two things that get me through the days at this point. There is a point in the show where Mary Poppins pulls out a tape measure and measures her height. A close up is done on the tape measure and it says, "Mary Poppins -- Practically perfect in every way". I agree with that. She makes my kids happy which makes me happy.

Here is a letter I have written to her:

I love you Mary Poppins. How can I get you to come be a nanny for me?
If you are out there and are reading this, please stop by. I have a few things I couldn't reach out from the vent and would like your help. Get here by 6pm and you can share the gummy treats and old fries I found today.



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  1. Ha Ha Ha! Just hang in there. One day they will be gone in ways you can't even understand at this point. Turns out Mary Poppins is over rated, cause mom's rule in the end!
    You're a mom a lot of kids would wish for!