Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why don't they still make men like this?????

I was going through pictures today and had to post this picture. I took this picture at my college graduation because the guy was so nasty on every level. Is it sad I have kept this picture for 9 years? I have no idea where my college pictures or degree is, but I sure as hell kept the picture of some random dude at the graduation. I really am a sicko!!! I wonder if he thought it was weird I was snapping shots of him while wearing my cap and gown?

This is why I keep this picture......

A. awesome comb over by his receding hairline. The Fonz would be so jealous.
B. Kick Butt sideburns. Bet he grooms those himself.
C. Thick glasses to see his sugar-baby-lover -- and every other woman he was staring at during the ceremony.
D. mouth open drooling over his young..... not so hot girlfriend (he kept whispering things into her ear and making her giggle).
E. Gold Chain Necklace -- nothing needs to be said on this one.
F. Shirt unbuttoned to waist - Yum, still gets me going.
G. Pegged Shirt cuff. Gotta show off those big arm muscles.
H. Gold Bracelet gently caressing his woman -- tender yet still a man.

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