Tuesday, November 4, 2008

LAUNDRY -- the one thing that never ends.

This is really what I spend my days doing.

My Great Aunt Eileen used to always say, "If you do at least one load of laundry then you can say you've done something for the day."

Well, Aunt Eileen, I would make you proud. I did about 5 loads today.

Who said being a mom isn't glamorous???


  1. Perfect Halloween costumes for your kids. You of course look beautiful in all the pictures... as always.

  2. I totally agree with the laundry. I would rather clean toilets than do laundry. The piles that never end. Congrats on folding!

  3. Hey Chanel, I am so happy you posted about laundry. It is definitely the never ending story of a Mom's life! I'm glad I did something today too then!
    I loved the Halloween pictures. The kids and you were so great!
    I love reading what you write. You make me laugh and smile as always.
    The bubble bath story was hilarious. If I show that to Noah he will laugh!
    I love the pictures of you guys at our house. They are so cute. Libby was so darling sitting in the car. I wish Maddox would stay put like that, however, now that you mention the future I guess I will be happy he doesn't, right? Ha Ha.
    Hey, the other day Lake was saying Maddox so good. It was so cute!
    Love you!