Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cousin Maddox's Birthday

My nephew Maddox turned 2 last week. The kids went to visit him on his birthday and bring him a gift. It was lots of fun. They played in the water, ate cake, and got a fun treat bag their Aunt Lana made for them. As you can see, Lake was totally loving it. He ran around in his bathing suit, ate chocolate cake (evidence on his face), chewed on starburst during pictures, and wore his cool sunglasses. I noticed in the picture of Lake and I, he is eating a starburst, has cake frosting on his face, and has his hand in a bag of potato chips. Ah, now that's a picture of health. I promise I throw him a piece of fruit and veggies every now and then.
The pictures of the sunglasses made me laugh so hard. Especially when my dad wore them. I guess the good thing with paper sunglasses is you can't break just have to be careful not to rip them :).


  1. All my neices and nephews are so cute! I love it! Lana throws the best b-day parties!

  2. The glasses are super funny!!! love you guys!

  3. The party started when you guys arrived! Maddox LOVED having Lake and Libby there for him! Thanks for being there! I love the pictures too, and you look GORGEOUS as always.