Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Booger Tumbler.......

Lake started a tumbling class 3 weeks ago. My dad signed him up. The kids range in age from 4-8 years old. Lake is 3 but my dad said he was 4. The 4 year olds barely have an attention span for this class so you have to understand how crazy it is to try and get a 3 year old to do backward summer salts and the splits. Needless to say, my son pretty much runs around while the other kids to the tumbling.
He decided to go and sit up by the tumbling instructor last week. All the kids (about 20) were watching the instructor do warmups. Lake sat there and decided to pick his nose instead. I wanted to run up and stop him but all the kids would see so I just sat there shaking my head and praying it would stop. Then it happened............I see him pull a booger out of his nose and begin to hand it to the teacher.
[Mind you, I have always taught my kids to hand me wrappers, empty containers, and yes -- even boogers (I do put them in a wipe). I guess Lake felt like this is what he was supposed to do.]
He tugs on her shirt and says, "Here". She assumed it was a wrapper or something. She sticks out her hand and he wiped it on her as he said, "here" again. She literally screamed and said, "Ooohhhhh....Grossssss". I was one second from walking out and pretending he wasn't my child. But, instead I walked up to her and handed her a wipe. I quickly grabbed my purse and Lake's hand. We (I) opted to leave 20 minutes early that day and miss the next week in hopes that the booger tumbler would be forgotten. Ah, the joys of parenthood.

Before anyone asks what happened to his head.....his bandaid in this picture is fake. He loves to put on tape and pretend he is hurt. Libby does the exact same thing. It stays sticky for about 2 minutes since they take it on and off the entire time and move it around. :)

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