Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Libby at the Dentist......

Libby had her first visit today. She is only 2 and the Dentist said she was one of his best patients. She did exactly what they said and didn't fuss at all. It makes me so happy the kids both were so good while getting their teeth cleaned and x-rays.
Notice that Libby had her pretend Cinderella cell phone the entire time. Just in case the dentist wasn't nice she could make a call to get her out of there :)

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  1. Wow! Libby is a really good patient. I'm sure the dentist is really pleased with her attitude.

    I remember my niece, Jane, wherein her friendly and competentdentist Hattiesburg M.S.-based practitioner openly mentioned that she's a really good girl while in the dentist office. That made the dentist give her some rewards after the visit. She was so delighted with the red balloons. Every dentist, Hattiesburg area service providers really know how to successfully bring a child into the dentist chair. Thanks for the nice post about Libby, Chanel! It's really interesting!