Thursday, January 10, 2013

Redneck Cake - Fun For Everyone

Cake Made for my friends birthday
Cake made for my birthday
Cake made for co-workers
My daugher and I made the cake together

Do you want a fun cake idea that doesn't involve baking? If so, read on.........

This is what I call a "Redneck" cake. You can term it whatever you want but I found this was the least offensive thing to call it.
This is how you make it (I had to alter a few things since there are no twinkies anymore *tear*):

You will need to buy about 8-10 boxes of goodies. Note that everything on this cake has to be prepacked as this is what makes it "Redneck" The best I have found so far for the cake are:
Twinkies (they make some by Little Debbie)
Zingers (all, yellow, and chocolate)
Ho Ho's
Snowballs (they are the chocolate cupcake with the marshmellow and coconut topping)
Zebra Stripes (also made by Little Debbie)
Mini donuts - all colors and flavors
Frosted Brownies
Mini Marshmellows
Spray Whipped Cream

You can really add anything you find in the treat isle as long as it is a cake like product. The more color you get the better.

You will need to get a large plate or tray. I prefer to use a baking sheet for the base (you don't want anything too classy for this cake).

Open all the boxes of the treats you bought. You can even throw the empty boxes on the floor while making the cake. It adds to the experience.

Once you have all of them opened, you cut everything into halves. This shows all the filling inside the treats.

Begin layering items. I start with donuts or brownies at the bottom to give me a good base. I start building up from there. Make sure to switch colors and have the cream facing the outer part of the cake. Ho Ho's look really good as the swirls give it a great effect.

Once you are all done layering (and it is really up to you how big you want the cake), you take a handful of mini marshmellows and throw it on top. You have to say "BAM" or "POW" as you throw it on there. That means your cake is completed.

Just a few more things and you are ready to get the party started......

Set the Whipped Cream next to the cake and some plastic forks. You are not allowed to have plates or napkins with this cake.....Only plastic forks.

You are ready to dig in now. Everyone gets a fork. They have to go stab the fork on the piece they want. You then spray Whipped Cream on the piece you have on your fork. You eat it, lick the fork, and keep it in your pocket. Everytime you walk by, you can take your fork out and get another piece.

You may think this is odd. But, I have found that adults actually like this cake better than kids. Maybe it brings back childhood memories of when it was okay to eat processed foods!?!

This is great for work parties, birthdays, or just because it's so darn fun to make.

Note: Please understand that the grocery store clerk will look at you weird when buying all these items. They look at you like you have a huge eating disorder. But, just ignore it and walk out with a smile knowing that you are going home to make the coolest cake ever.

I have pictures above to show how much fun people have eating this cake.........

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