Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Reuse that Skirt - How to reuse clothes you already have

I decided to reuse 2 old skirts I never wear, and see what I could make. I cut apart an A-line denim skirt that I had and a sundress that I hadn’t worn in years.

I ended up cutting the top part of the sundress off and adding ribbon to make it a cute top for my 5 year old daughter. I then sewed the bottom the sundress to the denim skirt (hand sewed - which took 3 hours – I guess I should get a sewing machine).

Below are pictures of what clothing articles I started with and what they ended up being. I also took pictures of my daughter and I wearing the clothes so you can see it actually turned out pretty cute and cost me nothing to make.

Summer Dress and Denim Skirt

A-line Denim skirt which I had cut previously for a Halloween costume

Summer Dress which I cut right in half (I picked a spot I thought would be best)

Layout of the the items before I sewed them

This turned out to be a cute girls top once I added the straps (just used ribbon and tied it in a knot)

Sewed the 2 skirts together to get this fun peasant look

My daughter, Libby, wearing the finished top/shirt

Me wearing the finished skirt

Side profile of the skirt (you know I only took this pose as it made me look thinner....*wink*)

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