Thursday, May 15, 2008

No Way -- Both Kids Napping at the same time???

Here are a few pictures of Lake and Libby. Lake just turned 2 on May 13. He keeps saying, "Due" when we ask how old he is. Libby is 9 months but looks like she is about 12 months. She is looking more like Lake each day.

I just laid them down for a nap and they both went down at the same time. This NEVER happens. I wonder if I am dreaming and am going to wake up to find they have both pooped all over their rooms, or have taken all their clothes out of their drawers and put them in the trash (yes, these have both happened before). I'll will just cross my fingers and hope I can have some alone time for 30 minutes. Maybe I'll do something exciting like actually close the bathroom door when I use it or dust off my hairbrush and see if it still works. I won't attempt to even pretend I know how to use a curling iron anymore(it's been way too long) but a hairbrush I bet I can still handle.

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