Friday, May 16, 2008

I need to go to beauty school.

My friend who looks similar to me got her hair cut yesterday. She got it cut exactly like Heidi Klum, the Victoria's Secret model (picture attached). It's 10:00pm and I got the urge to give myself a haircut like her. I have no beauty school experience but somehow think I can whack off chunks of my hair. Really it should be against the law to let me near scissors.
I ended up cutting my bangs to look like (or what I thought would look like) Heidi Klum's hair. Well, I probably shouldn't have cut my bangs while they were wet. They dried and are now way above my eyebrows. I guess I have 3 options. I can gel my bangs straight up and style it like a mullet (Billy Ray Cyrus can give me some tips. I attached his hot picture --Yikes!). Or, I can buzz my head like Britney Spears (Her picture still scares me), or I can leave town for a few weeks and live in the mountains until they grow back.
I'll have to sleep on those options and pick tomorrow.
The saddest part about the entire cutting of my hair is that it's not the first time it's happened. This is pretty much a once a year deal where I just start cutting my hair and see where I end up.
I guess I should be happy I stopped at the bangs tonight. This leaves me the option of brushing the back part of my hair to the front to look like bangs. That'll give Donald Trump a little competition. Hmmmmm..........

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