Thursday, May 15, 2008

I was wrong and Grandma Ida was right

My Grandma Ida used to keep everything. She grew up in the depression so she even felt the need to stock up on important items like rubberbands and tinfoil. She would even keep a plastic bobby/hair pin to dig into her bright pink lipstick when it got low. I would say she was one of the few of us that got her money's worth when buying lipstick. She would use every last bit of that stuff.
I was going through old pots and pans the other day and came across this condiment holder that she gave my mom and my mom gave me. I have never seen this used in all my 30 years but heaven forbid we throw it away.
Well, I am glad to say my Grandma was right. Lugging this thing around for so many years has paid off. My son, Lake, was able to use it to divide his food up. He likes things separated and is very meticulous. I guess if a 2 year old can be OCD he would be that way with his food. Anyway, he loves this thing. He likes me to break up the meal in separate compartments. He actually spins it around and grazes on all 3 items. It's almost like his own little buffet.
Thank you Grandma for proving me wrong!

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