Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shark Pool and Sunglasses

My mom bought Lake a shark pool for his birthday. He and Libby have LOVED it ever since I filled it up. It shoots water from the top of the shark's head. Lake keeps covering the water spout and saying, "Where did the water go?" I then have to reply back, "I don't know, where did it go?" Lake then moves his hand away from the spout and says, "There it is". I think we must have said those lines about 30 times. I love how he thinks he is so clever when he makes the water stop spouting. Ahhh, Bless him. Oh, and notice how he continually drinks from the water in the baby pool (there is a picture of him bent over drinking). Yes, I have warned him there is grass and bugs in there,.......but as you can see he doesn't seem to care.

Libby and Lake wore sunglasses today. The glasses were from the $1 store but I swear you'd think they cost a million dollars each with the way they love them. If popsicles, sunglasses, and a shark pool could make me as happy as it does my kids, I am pretty sure all my problems would be solved.


  1. Tiffany,

    Thanks for the sweet compliments. My friend sent this to me about 3 weeks ago. It make me laugh so hard. I had to print it out for my journal. It's horrible but so true.I swear I have felt better ever since.

    10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't be worried about the Live-in:

    1. Gives the milk away for free. So, the cow will never be bought.
    2. Obsessed with YOUR kids and is only a Live-in. Which really means obsessed with you.
    3. Lives in a basement
    4. Divorcee by age 25
    5. Uneducated
    6. Has never been posted on "someone's" Flickr when you still have a shrine of pics dedicated to you
    7. Looks to be about 14
    8. Only has friends through twitter
    9. Will likely never get someone to commit -- unless knocked up first.
    10. Has a face only a mother could love

  2. Chanel, those pics of the kids playing outside are so dang cute. It's awesome how dollar store sunglasses can be all they need. Love it! I love how Lake covers the water spout and says "where did it go." He is the best! His buzz looks so cute!
    The pictures from Montana were great. It was so fun seeing them. You are a super Mom for making that trip with the kids. I can tell they loved it. I loved your video of the swinging bridge. How come I am the only one who is scared while walking on that bridge. You were so comfortable! Ha Ha.
    You looked beautiful! I loved Libby's hair when you braided it too. The kids are the cutest and I love them so much. Love you!