Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Zoo

I took the kids to the zoo the other day. I brought my camera but right when I tried to use it the battery went dead. So, no pictures to post until we go again. I bought a season pass so the kids and I will go again and get some fun pictures the next round.

The kids loved the zoo. The funniest part was Libby looking at the tigers. She kept saying, "Hi Kitty" and waving to the tigers. I told her that the tigers were in the Cat family but I'm not so sure if I would be calling a tiger "kitty". Right after I told her that she waved as we walked away and said, "Bye Kitty".

Lake's favorite thing at the zoo was the snakes. We looked at elephants, zebras, monkeys, bears, etc. but of course my child is intrigued by what I think is the most nasty reptile out there. He would just stare at the snakes and say, "Mommy, big snakes". I was like, "yep, now lets move right along". But, he had to look and study every snake there.

The zoo is amazing when your kids are little. It is so cute to see them look at the animals in person instead of just looking at pictures in a book. It brings a whole new perception when they see the size of the animal. I can't wait to take them again!

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  1. That is so dang cute that Libby was saying "Hi Kitty." Of course the boys have to love the snakes, right? Scary! Anyway, take us with you next time. We haven't been this summer yet and we would love to come along. Love you.