Monday, June 8, 2009

Slip N' Slide is still cool!

So, I was at Wal-Mart (my 2nd home) the other day and saw a Slip N' Slide. Back when I used to use a Slip and Slide it was made with metal pegs you stick into the ground. These metal pegs would cut up your leg if you hit them while sliding. It didn't matter though because you finally got to feel like all the rich kids that had a swimming pool with a slide. If we wanted a slide, we had to put the slip N' slide on a hill.
I am getting off track. My point of the story was how far slip N' slides have come. They now have water that spurts out and a bumper zone at the end of slide. A bumper zone was greatly needed. Back in the day there was no stopping you. You could keep sliding into the road and nothing was there to stop you -- except maybe a moving car.
And if that's not enough, there is a blow up pad so you have something to land on when you slide. You used to have to just go for it and risk breaking a rib when you jumped to slide on your stomach. Ah, how the slip N' slide engineers have improved the yellow slick piece of rubber.

I tried to show my kids how to use it today. I slid down it about 20 times. I kept trying to scream and yell so the kids would think it was cool. I actually think I yelled out the word "Awesome" about 10 times. But, as you can see by the pictures the kids weren't buying it. Lake is walking around it and using it for a drinking fountain. Libby full on went and sat in a chair to watch me make a fool out of myself while sliding. None of them would even try it. They just kept saying, "Again Mommy" and "Mommy's Turn". Oh well, I had a good time. That Slip N' Slide was totally worth the $9 I paid for it.

Once the kids got done watching me slide for 2 hours we were (okay, I was) all tuckered out. Here are a few pics of the kids chilling and watching a movie.


  1. Very cute! The kids are getting so big!

  2. K-That was hilarious! I was laughing the whole time I read that. You brought all of our childhood slip n slide memories back to life. I am buying that slide for Noah now because I think he would love it. My favorite part though, was imagining you sliding down it for two hours yelling "Awesome" to the kids while they sat and watched and told you to do it again. That is the best. You are the best Mom in the world.

  3. You are one super cute mom. I love slip in slides, really they still make them. I would love to catch up.