Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Apparently needing glasses means you can’t clean anymore.....

My 5 year old went in for her kindergarten wellness shots the other day. The doctor did an eye test and we found out she needed glasses.

No big deal, we will get the glasses and she is good to go, right? Well, what I didn’t realize is apparently when you need glasses you don’t have to pick anything up around the house because you can’t see...it (at least that is what is going on in my house).

Conversation with Libby (my 5 year old):

Mom: Libby, you need to pick up the toys you left out.

Libby: Mom, I can’t see. Remember, the doctor said I need glasses.

Mom: Libby, you just played with your toys and could see them just fine. Not to mention you saw two ants outside today and told me to smash them. Those are much smaller than your toys.

Libby: But mom, my eyes hurt because I can’t see.

Mom: Libby, we just found out last week you needed glasses. You were fine for almost 5 years and now your eyesight has become a disability?

Libby: MOM (as she is trying to make some fake tears), I can’t help it if I can’t see.

Mom: First of all, you are near sighted which just means you can’t see things far away. Plus, it is only in one eye. If you don’t pick up all your toys then you don’t get a snowcone.

Libby: Fine mom, I will use my good eye to clean up my toys.

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