Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fun Baby Shower Craft Idea - Everyone Can Do

My sister was pregnant with her first child - a girl.
I hate throwing baby showers as I am not a game person -- and we all know that most of us dread baby showers.
I tried to think of ideas on what would be fun for a shower and would get people to talk without having the same boring games.
I decided to do a craft project. I thought it would be nice to get everyone together and make something for the new baby. I asked my sister what the colors of the nursery were before I went on my search. She told me she was going to do a Shabby Chic theme...mostly pink and white.

I went to the store and found plain wood frames that had pre-cut squares (9 to be exact). They sell them at walmart for $6 or $7. I wasn't sure how many people would be at the shower so I bought 4 frames which equaled 36 squares. I then bought some paper, ribbon, paint, and stickers that were the colors of my sister's nursery. This made it so the colors would match and people with different craft skill levels could all do it (this makes it error proof for everyone). The not so crafty just used the paper and stickers. The craftier people used the paint and ribbon. Once each person decorated a square, they signed their name in the corner of the square. Once the shower was over -- I ended up with 27 finished squares. I then glued them onto the frames and gave them to my sister. My sister loved it. She hung the pictures in the nursery. They match with her style and it is sentimental because everyone she loves decorated them.

It turned out nicely as I had food set up in the kitchen and the "craft table" set up in the living room. Everyone was able to laugh and visit while doing their tiles. The cool thing was, everyone helped each other.

This is inexpensive, sentimental, fun, and it's not the same old boring showers we hate to go to.

You could do this for a wedding shower as well but I think it is the cutest or a baby shower.

Items Needed:
Wood Frame with Panels -- Found my at Walmart but I am sure a lot of places sell these
Ribbon - Make sure to get the colors the nursery will be (ask ahead of time)
Stickers- These should also coordinate with the nursery colors or theme
Paper - you can but it in booklets or individual pieces. I think variations in paper color and textur work best
Paint - Just a few shades of paint in case someone doesn't want to use paper
Extras - You can get buttons, decals, or anything fun that you can glue on and match
Glue - Any cheap glue is fine. I prefer using a glue stick.
Scissors - Cheap ones work fine

You can get these items anywhere. The dollar stores have a lot of scrapbooking items which is perfect for this project. I usually just go to Walmart for everything above. But, if you want really specific items, you can get it at a craft store like Joanne's or Michael's.

Once you have all these items, you are ready to craft.

I am posting examples so you can see how everyone made a square and what the finished result looked like.

Other Examples of different colors (Tuqoise, Orange, Yellow):

Green, Hot Pink colors:


  1. Can you please post a picture of the frame/panels prior to this project. I went to Walmart to look for what is needed but from these photos, I really can't tell what I'm supposed to be looking for. A huge frame and then wooden squares in crafts? I even did a google search on wooden frame and 9 panels, among other variations, and still couldn't figure it out. I'd really like to do this for my daughter's shower but have no idea what I'm looking for. Thanks.

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